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    As a long Term minecraft player (2009 I think), I have started playing in the browser. The game was hard to understand and often not much fun. This all changed once I understood how to make basic tools. The learning curve wasn't steep, it was a cliff!

    Fast forward to today: Minecraft is putting in more and more "fluff", which is not necessarily a bad thing but all those changes recently are geared towards a very young audience, arguably the core audience for Minecraft and therefore Mojang/Microsoft.

    Frankly, this is a terrible development for aging minecrafters like myself (I'm mid 30s). We are not the core audience (anymore). For that reason the game's development is not focused on us and won't ever be.

    Since very young people are pretty easily distractable, a game that wants to keep this many players will probably have to change quite drastically if it wants to stay relevant. The question here is if this will make it unrecognizable from the game it once was. Some might argue that the introduction of chat control and subsequent bans already made sure the old game is gone.

    Let me know what you think about this.

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    Hi folks! This is Haui (or Haui111 if you will).

    I have just finished setting up the crazy amount of fediverse instances on our new servers and am quite exhausted. There is still a lot more to do but I need to take a break and just talk to people and chill for a bit.

    I plan to pull a lot more of our services together as to reduce the dependency on other companies and services. But this also means some layers of support and security have to go as well and I need to secure a lot of this stuff myself. The learning curve is quite steep but I enjoy the process.

    Being able to learn all this stuff in quick succession is kind of a privilege but also just a part of life for me. Some people might find this weird but it is what it is.

    I'll now kick back for the day and sit on the couch. I hope you enjoy our new services. Let me know if you have cool ideas.